Obstetrics Services

Monitor your Health after Delivery and help you Manage any Complications

What is a postpartum check-up?

The postpartum period refers to the first six weeks after childbirth. This is the most joyous time for women and their families, but it is also a period of adjustment and healing for mothers. During these weeks, you will bond with your baby and have a post-delivery check-up with the obstetrician. A postpartum check-up is a medical check-up that mothers get after giving birth t ensure that they are recovering well from labour and birth.

The importance of a postpartum check-up:

A postpartum check-up is an important part of overall pregnancy care because new moms are at risk of developing serious and, at times, life-threatening health complications days and weeks after giving birth. These appointments help your doctor spot early signs and symptoms of possible health problems, treat the conditions and help prevent these health problems.

What do postpartum check-ups entail?

During your postpartum check-up, your doctor will make sure that you are recovering well after childbirth and are adjusting well to life as a mother. Your check-up will include:

  • Physical exam
    Your doctor will check your blood pressure, weight, breasts and belly. If you had a cesarean birth, your doctor will check the cesarean incision to make sure it is healing properly as it should without any problems such as an infection. A pelvic exam involves checking the vagina, uterus and cervix to check if everything is still in order. Other health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure you had during pregnancy. A blood glucose test can be done to check your blood sugar levels.
  • Birth control
    Your doctor may talk to you about birth control options and how they will fit with your plans of having more children.
  • Discuss problems encountered during pregnancy, labour and birth that may affect your health after pregnancy. This involves discussing how you can prevent these problems in future pregnancies.

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